Expo 2010

That’s it, we did it! we visited during the last two days the Expo 2010 and it was a lifetime experience.

The first day went really smooth, we arrived at 9:15 AM and within 5 minutes we were inside the Expo. We went to the pavilion of China and were surprised to see no queue at all. We visited the pavilion for 3 amazing hours. After a quick lunch we went to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel, Oman, Morocco and ended the day at the Korean pavilion but had to wait 1.5 h to find out that it does not worth the waiting. The ended the day watching a water show on the river, it was beautiful.

The second day is a whole different story. First, the morning traffic was light and it should have made us suspicious, second, when we arrived to the Expo we found ourselves with a zillion of Chinese with their single child waiting in the queue. It took us 1.5h just to get into the Expo, something that took us 5 min. the day before. It turned out that today is the first day of the moon holiday that lasts four days. When Chinese are on vacation trust me, you feel it. The Expo was packed, the queue to the most popular pavilions was 4 hours. We only did the New-Zealand, Australia, France, Bielorusia and Mexico pavilions today. The only good thing was that we didn’t have to wait in the queue for France because our French passports. On top of that it started raining but it was actually a good thing because it was not as hot as the day before.

Even with the crowd it was an amazing experience. The size of the Expo and the number of people was hard to believe. We had a wonderful time.

Tomorrow we are heading to Xi’an with a very early flight so it’s time to say goodbye and stay tuned for more stories from wonderful China. By the way, we already miss Shanghai.


Les Dellus

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