Old vs. New

Today we took it easy in preparation for the next two days at the Expo. We went to Yu Garden which is the old / new part of Shanghai. It looks old but it’s new. It was demolished and rebuilt from scratch. Apparently the Chinese have absolutely no problem with that. The garden itself is really old and nice but everything around is new and fully of shops for tourists. When I say tourists, I mean local Chinese tourists. We saw some western tourists but nothing compared to the amount of Chinese tourists.

Later on we did a quick tour of the French Concession. It is a relatively quiet part of Shanghai with a lot of western restaurants. After 3 days of Chinese food the kids went on strike and demanded western cuisine. We found a real Crêperie Bretonne and we all had a French dinner for half the price we would have paid in France.

Tomorrow we start a two days marathon of the Expo. Let’s see if we will have forces left to update the blog tomorrow night.

Until then, love from Les Dellus in Shanghai

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