Shanghai on the High Side

Our second day started very high, at 474 m above the city. We took an unbelievably smooth ride in the fastest elevator we ever been and within level than a minute we were on the 94 floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center, AKA “The Can Opener”. This is the famous tower with the hole in the middle. From there we took 200 stairs to 100 floor. We found ourselves in a glass tunnel hanging under the top of the hole. See the picture. The view from there is amazing. The entire city is under you but the smog blocks the view a little bit and you cannot see very far away.

Going down to earth, we took a ride to the Science & Technology museum of Shanghai which is beautiful. Because it was Sunday, it was almost empty and we could enjoy all the attractions without any queue. The museum has everything in English and its layout makes it very easy to walk through. Nir and Yaniv tried the Coriolis effect by shooting a target in a rotating shooting field. I told them to ask saba Gideon about the Coriolis effect as it has been 25 years since I learned that in the Technion.

Just across the museum is the largest fake market of Shanghai. It is a huge underground market will all the fakes you can imagine, unbelievable. When you buy something, you immediately cut the price in half, then start to bargain. Trust me, it works and it’s fun.

We ended the day in an amazing show, the Shanghai Circus World. For 1h 40 min your eyes are riveted to the scene where acrobats are doing the most amazing things. The show ends with 8 running motorcycles in a wire sphere and until now we don’t understand how they didn’t run one into another. Actually, after seeing that, we understand better why they drive like that.

Apropos driving, there are no driving rules for bikes, moppets, motorcycles, basically everything with 3 wheels. They cross red lights, turn in any direction, drive against traffic, unbelievable how they don’t get kill but since we arrived we didn’t see a single traffic accident.

Today we go to the old city and French concession. We decided to take it easy because the next two days are dedicated to the Expo and we need to regain some forces.

By the way, today is our 24 anniversary and we are going to celebrate in
the old city of Shanghai and if we’re lucky we will find frog

With love from Shanghai,

Les Dellus

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