So Many People

When in China, what strikes you the most is the endless flow of people everywhere. In the beginning it is hard to believe, the streets, the metro, especially the metro, is like in a movie where you see these scenes with tons of people walking up and down stairways. After a while it is a little stressful because you are always within this flow of people. At a certain moment, we found ourselves in a relatively quiet place and it was like breathing again being under water.

The second thing that strikes you is the way they drive. It is unbelievable. In a junction you have cars, bikes, motorcycles, pedestrians, everywhere. Taxi drivers just won’t stop even if they run over you. It is really scary to cross the road but you get used to it.

Last but no least, it is an amazing city. We have never seen something like that. It is a mix of ultra modern skyscrapers and traditional houses in low neighborhoods. Huge malls and small businesses. People are very friendly and if we asked for money each time they wanted to take a picture with Nir or Yaniv we could probably have funded some of this trip.

Yesterday we walked more then 10 Km, between the Peoples Square to East Nanjing Street to the Bund then crossing to Pudong and walking around the Pearl Tower. We ended the day in the French Concession then back to the hotel at 10 PM really, really tired.

That’s it for today, more to come tomorrow,


Les Dellus in Shanghai

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