The Forbidden City

Today was dedicated to the forbidden city. Since we arrived in China, every day brought its lot of amazing places and each time we told ourselves this is the most beautiful place we have ever seen. The forbidden city is another highlight of this trip and it is difficult to describe how beautiful it is. We spent most of the day walking around the alleys, visiting as many emperors, empresses and concubines palaces and houses. The city is in mint conditions and holds many museums and interesting places. The treasures of the Ming and Qing dynasties are amazing. We saw a beautiful Ming vase, coming directly from the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie.
By the end of the visit we couldn’t go out of the city because the Russians president, Dmitry Medvedev, who is visiting China, was coming to see the forbidden city. After 30 min. they finally agreed to let us go. For a short moment we thought we’re going to sleep in the emperor bed but that didn’t happen.
After getting some rest in our nice hotel, we decided to get dinner and what a better place if not the night food market. Now, you have to see it to believe it. This is a 200 m long line of stands, each serving the most bizarre food. We saw skewers (shipouding) of snakes, cockroaches, seahorses, scorpions, silkworms, and all possible parts of an animal. We tasted some of it but even I was reluctant to taste scorpions and snakes.
From there we continued to the most exclusive street of Beijing. We have never seen such wealth in any of the western countries we know. In this street alone we saw few places selling the most exclusive brands like Van Cleef and Arpels, Omega, Rolex, Channel, Dior, you name it. It was full of people, some buying, some, like us, looking with amazement at the mix of communism and capitalism leaving together peacefully. This was a nice end of a busy day.

Tomorrow is Giant Panda day.

Kisses from Beijing,

Les Dellus

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