The Great Wall

Today we went back in time, about 40 years, ridding Chinese made sidecars from the culture revolution to the Great Wall.
Four sidecars with drivers took us in the morning from our hotel for the rid of our life. It started by crossing Beijing to the north, stopping every once in a while to let the engines colling and visiting some amazing places like Chateau Lafitte, a copy of the real Chateau Lafitte in France with some additions from old Rome and a golf course around. This is a fancy hotel for rich Chinese people and when you enter the property, you really feel like in France. We continued our way to a very nice Buddha temple hidden in the mountains, which we would never have seen without the sidecars.
From there we continued for a short rid to the start of the Great Wall walk. It started in a small village and you really have to know it to find it. The advantage of this part of the Great Wall is that it is totally unknown to tourists. We were there alone, not a single Chinese or foreign tourist to see, not a single souvenir shop, it was us and the Great Wall.
The climb is steep and takes about 45 min, which makes us wonder how the hell they built this wall. It goes up and down the mountain without any care for the angle and location. Some parts are really scary, almost 45 deg angle, with and without stairs.
The view from the top is breathtaking. You can see the Great Wall continuing its sinuous way to the mountain top, far, far away. This was a good time to stop for a real French picnic with Rosé wine, baguette, cold meat and a few other goodies. Everything was perfect, we were alone with our guide Yves, French food, beautiful view of the Great Wall, it was so good that we didn’t want to go and we stayed there for like 2 hours. Finally we had to let go and descend back to reality. The descend was a lot of fun, it was so steep that we could simulate the scene from the movie Matrix when they bent backward to avoid bullets, see the pictures.
We got back in our sidecars that were waiting for us on the other side and started our rid back to Beijing. This time it was dark and we could experience driving in the dark in China. Trust me, it is scary. We entered Beijing from the north and went to the Olympic stadium for a short visit of the complex. Both the stadium and the Aquatics Center were illuminated and looked great. It was a perfect ending for a beautiful day.
We are approaching the end of the trip, tomorrow is the China national day and we will go to the Tienanmen square to see some fireworks maybe and do some last minute shopping in the Pearl Market.

The Great Wall rocks!

Les Dellus

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