The Last Day in Xi’an

Today is our last day in Xi’an and we decided to stay in the old city visiting the Bell and Drum towers and the big mosque.

Both towers are very well preserved and offer a good view of the old city. From above, the city doesn’t look as good as from the ground and this is surprising. The big mosque is a quiet place inside the busy Muslim market and is a mix of arab and chinese architecture. Some prayer halls look very similar to Buddhism temples and only the Arabic writing differentiates between the two.

In between the visits, we strolled down the market, doing some last minute shopping and grabbing lunch from places you would dare eating. As time passes by, we become more and more daring with our eating habits and so far so good.

Tonight we take the train to Beijing, another experience we are looking for, so stay tuned to hear more about that and look at the pictures of our cabin in the train.

Love from Xi’an,

Les Dellus

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