The Summer Palace Day

What a day! the emperors of China really had a good taste and good life. We spent the entire day visiting the summer palace which is actually a huge park with a lake, forest, temples and palaces at every corner. Like every other park, temple or palace, it is extremely well maintained and clean. It was a pleasure walking along the paved trails in the forest and finding here and there a beautiful retreat that really brings the Zen out of you. The view from the Buddha temple on the top of the hill was great and gave a good understand of the size of the summer palace and what the emperors and empresses enjoyed during their stay there.
On the other side of the hill there is a reconstitution of a street along a canal from south China. That place is very touristic but cute and full of small shops. We stopped there for lunch and it was very relaxing.
After lunch we took a walk in the forest, actually, more a wood with paved trails, and found the most beautiful place called the Garden of Harmonious Interests. All the names are like that in the summer palace, you have the Garden of Virtue and Harmony, the Natural Affinity of Water and Trees, the Realm of Multitudinious Fragrance.
We ended the tour on the south lake island and the Hall of Embracing the Universe.

Tomorrow is the Great Wall day and stay tuned for a surprise.

Love from the Clear and Peaceful Dellus family.

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