Xi’an is so different from Shanghai

We woke up at 5 AM today to catch our flight to Xi’an. After a smooth flight we took a cab from the airport and we found out that the driving habits of Shanghai are actually valid all across China. You have to see it to believe it, like many other things in China. On the way to our hotel we passed huge apartment complexes, some ready, some under construction. They build apartments everywhere, and they are all tall towers of 30 story or more.

After checking in to our hotel and a quick lunch + map, we spent the afternoon cycling around the old city walls of Xi’an on tandem bikes and it was a lot fun. From above, the city doesn’t look that great but after the bike tour we went to the city center and it was very different from what we expected. The main street and the Bell Tower square are full of huge shopping malls and the contrast between this and what we saw on our way from the airport is unbelievable. Behind the Bell Tower is the Drum Tower and behind that is the Muslim quarter with a wonderful souk. We walked around the souk and stopped for dinner in one of the restaurants serving the local dish made of lamb in a bread soup with noddles. When we ordered the food no one understood each other but somehow we managed to get what we wanted and it was really good. The city center is full of life until late and it is a great place to spend the evening.

Tomorrow is the Terracotta warriors day. Stay tuned!


Les Dellus

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